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“You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea
maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep.”

I do drink a cup of green tea every night before going to bed, but I can confirm that I don’t talk in my sleep. Every night I drink my tea, the lyrics of “Little Things” play in my mind, five angelic voices serenading me into a trance. Maybe not that far, but the song itself is absolutely beautiful in contrast to their other mainstream pop songs on their new album. (Hey, but I’m not trying to be all hipster and mocking mainstream music!) I think we all have a before bedtime ritual. Mine is drinking tea and playing Lana Del Rey until I fall asleep. Yours might be reading a good book, making tomorrow’s to-do list, or picking out next day’s outfit. The truth is we have this innate craving for familiarity in a world where everything is changing. As a senior in high school, the decisions I make now about university applications will literally haunt me forever or contribute to my success. Sometimes  it’s just nice to know that the cup of tea and Lana Del Rey music will always be there, which reminds me I should probably stock up on some more tea.