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[Collared Shirt, Sweater, Jacket: Forever 21 ; Belt: H&M ; Jeans: Urban Outfitters ; Boots: Macy’s]

Today I was procrastinating by toying around with the Nikon my dad and I both share outside in my backyard. Somehow, I ended up taking pictures of my outfit in my bedroom. What has the world come to? Anyways, this is officially my first “Outfit Of The Day” post, otherwise known as OOTD. This is somewhat daunting and nerve wracking for me because:

a) I took a selfie of my outfit, which implies quite a bit about me.

b) I have this preconceived notion that the fashion world is very judgmental, even though most fashion lovers view fashion as a creative outlet and self liberation from conformity.

Despite all this, I had more fun that I imagined taking pictures of my outfit, so you may see these type of posts more often.

Now onto the outfit, which is the most important part of this rant/description. I am fond of mixing different elements into an outfit. I added a sparkly sweater in contrast to the structured look of the military jacket and the formality of black/white mixed together. And then I opted for a pair of mustard yellow jeans and brown riding boots because both these items are unexpected in a way, but not overwhelming if you know what I mean.

Now back to studying economics and watching The Carrie Diaries.



P.S. Next time, my OOTD will be photographed outside. :)