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tumblr_me8nx4Wfqa1qbpydeo1_500I (like many people) have this obsession with old books, records, music, and clothes. Vintage. Yellow pages clothed in dust. Records sprawled with spiderwebs. Why you may ask? I think there is a magical quality in a vintage pair of eccentric patterned pants or an old copy of The Great Gatsby. Part of the intrigue of vintage things is the unknownness of it. I do not know who has touched a particular vintage item. Furthermore, each person who has owned that piece has added his or her personal touch to it. Think about it. Someone received a book for her 14th birthday. She donated that book a few years later. On page 16, cookie crumbs from her fingers fell into the spine. The next person who bought it spilled tea on page 28 and sketched a picture of a flower by the author’s name. You see my point. Each person has catered the book to his or her taste in some way. And now when I buy it, I will add my own personal touch. In terms of clothing, it is especially interesting because fashion recycles and repeats itself, so the question becomes: are you buying vintage or subconsciously buying a trend? High waisted shorts are seen as vintage, but it has surfaced to become a trend this season.

Are you a fan of vintage items?

“There’s a vintage which comes with age and experience.”    -Jon Bon Jovi