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she pours salt into your wounds
as she screams provocative words into your ear
her aggression is like a madman’s fist
throwing his punches deep inside your soul
the tables she turns, the glass she shatters
as a crowd of unblinking eyes gather to watch
she likes to entertain a famished crowd
it gives her the attention she always deserved
liberation sweeps her vigorously off her feet as rage
feeds off your weakness
and finishes you off.

rebel is her middle name.
rage paints her path red in a generic
black and white city.
loneliness lingers around her crawling inside her like
a poisonous venom
forever alone she stands as society pushed her outside
to stand in the pouring rain.

expressing her anger to violent skies
she’s reminded of the old painful memories
dripping down
as rage leaves them on the ground
like puddles beneath her feet.

love forgave her
jealously betrayed her
peace rebelled her.

she contemplated if she
accepted love
if only she
forgave peace
would life sort itself out?

but in reality
behind rage is a girl who
doesn’t want to be a tossed penny left on the side of the road who
doesn’t want to embody
a speechless woman stripped of her voice who
was someone left to pick up her pieces of patience one too many times.

so before you point fingers and call her a devil ask yourself
have you ever wanted to Rage?