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piccccLately, I have been wondering: why do I choose to willingly write and blog on WordPress?

I mean all of us bloggers write because we find comfort in fabricating meaning behind words written down on paper or typed on a Word document. Part of me believes that we write because writing offers us a voice. Some of us don’t have the most exuberant, outgoing personality (meaning we don’t talk the most), but that doesn’t mean our “voice” is the quietest. Having a voice doesn’t mean speaking; it means having something to say. Furthermore, one screaming doesn’t give him or her the largest voice. The world screams at us. There are so many voices dictating us, yelling at us, comforting us, making us cry, etc… that we don’t know which voice to believe. I believe writing is a form of art that allows us to find our own voice. Music, fashion, acting, and nearly anything can offer us a chance to find our voice. Maybe that guy tapping his foot while fingerpicking a Beatles song or that girl who people laugh at because she wears polka dotted vintage dresses is finding his or her voice.

Writing offers me a chance to share my voice. I think about life a lot, but I never really say what I think because I’m a at loss for words. I lose my voice. However, when I write poetry or blog, my voice rises to the surface. My thoughts are clear and I pour them on paper; it’s this epic, beautiful sort of process. I find what I want to express to the world, what I couldn’t express through spoken words.

I also believe that what we our chosen surroundings, observations, and what we listen to influences our voice.

So, choose what you love and want to do.
Once you have chosen, you’ll start creating your own voice and expressing it.
Revel in its beauty, sadness, and elegance.
It’s your voice and it’s yours to keep forever.