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the pink pills once in her white laced pockets

now feed on her body

seeping through her bloodstream

an euphoria in her heart

a sadness in her eyes

do you hear her unsteady pulse?

I Just Want To Forget.

clothed in lace and blue velvet

her slender back grazing the floor

ocean blue eyes

unmoved and sparkless

she plays with christmas lights

they adorn her neck like jewels

and line her body in rows

like roses precariously hung on tombstones

the lights blur

the lights sparkle

as if they are intoxicating her judgment

I Just Want To Forget.

the moonlight waltzes gravitating to the single droplet

bleeding from her eye

i walk in

and drop the groceries

they pound, i run, i shake

her hands grow colder and colder

abnormally still fitting into 

the contours of mine

i kneel motionless

her hand wrapped in mine

like the presents under the tree

I Just Want To Forget.

salty drops flow down my eyes

saturating her white lace

my tears converge with hers 

we weep in silence

I Just Want To Forget.

i knew she wanted this

but is it her selfishness that’s deluded her

or mine keeping her back

her face so pale and monotonous

yet a smile still sits comfortably 

my angel

my joy

in a world where everything’s meant to 

be broken

I Just Want To Forget.

my blessing

the gates opening

her haven

her heaven

“Don’t Forget.”