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the essentials

Whenever I head into a clothing shop, I repeat the fashion mantra: “Quality over quantity.” Yet my closet tells a different story. I tend to find many excessive items, such as studded shirts, pastel pants, and crochet tops. While these pieces are trendy and cute, they will hardly be viable over multiple seasons. I’ve compiled a list of the top 8 fashion essentials that I think every woman should own.

1. Fitted Blazer: A blazer is not an item that is exclusively reserved for the workplace. The diversity of a blazer makes it easy to incorporate into any outfit. I would suggest a fitted black blazer with an interesting lining underneath. For example, the one shown in the picture shows a pop of pastel pink when the sleeves are rolled, which is perfect for spring. A simple, black blazer is an essential for the workplace and interviews; however, it can also be paired with a white t-shirt and boyfriend jeans to create a cool contrast.

2. White Button Down: The white button down is arguably the most classic and timeless piece of clothing. Personally, I adore the white button down because it can stand on its own without the need of any extra accessories. It’s perfect for creating an effortless, structured look. Wear it against a colorful circle skirt or tucked into skinny jeans with a pair of flats. If you are into layering, throw a v-neck sweater overtop to show just the collar peeking out.

3. Leather Jacket: Need I say more?

4. Neutral Flats: When compared booties or bright pumps, flats seem like such a boring option. Despite that, flats are guaranteed to match with any outfit. Plus, your feet will thank you when you’re on a long traveling day or scrambling around campus. Buying a pair of good quality flats is a must. I have had to buy countless pairs of black flats for my school uniform because I always bought flats that were on sale. However, I did invest in a pair, and they’ve lasted me about two years now.

5. Quality Denim: Every girl should own a pair of jeans that will make her feel confident, no matter how bad of a day she is having. The perfect pair of jeans are flattering, well fitted, but also comfortable. Opt for a dark wash pair of denim with either a straight or skinny leg. Dark wash tends to match well with almost every color top, and a straight/skinny leg exudes a sleek look to every outfit.

6. Silk Scarf: A lightweight silk scarf is easy to throw onto any outfit, and its versatility makes it perfect for the summer and winter seasons. Scarves add that extra something to sweaters, dresses, t-shirts, and just about anything else. I would recommend choosing a scarf with neutral tones to get the maximum use out of it.

7. Watch: Watches can truly last a lifetime, so it’s crucial to invest in a watch that is well made. Gold, rose gold, and silver metal band watches will always be in style. When selecting a watch, less is more; don’t feel like you need to go heavy on the bling. An ostentatious looking watch can be misconstrued as “cheap.”

8. Trench Coat: There is a reason why the iconic Burberry trench coat will never go out of season. The coat is flattering, classic, and instantly sophisticates any outfit. The beauty of trench coats is that they are long enough to cover dresses and skirts, which makes them perfect for cold or rainy days. Splurging on a trench coat can be validated since you’re most likely going to wear it your whole life.

Trends come and go with the season, but these timeless pieces are guaranteed to last a lifetime. What are YOUR essential clothing items?