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nycNew York City. When I hear those three words, a million different ideas form in my mind. In my opinion, New York City is the most romanticized place in the world; people transform the city into their world, lifestyle, or dream. The Big Apple is a mecca for fashion; a melting pot of cultures; a tourist infested landscape; a business hub. Some would consider all these descriptions, while others would only focus on a specific description. However, the intrigue of New York lies in its ability of being a dynamic city, rather than a static one.

Manhattan has always held a special place in my heart because a kaleidoscope of my favourite memories were created in this city. As I ventured off to New York City again last Saturday (the thrill never goes away), I wanted to reflect on those memories:

‣ The smell of coffee beans and street vendor food infused in the air, its stickiness wrapped around my body, as I stroll through Central Park.

‣ Viewing the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty collection at the Metropolitan Museum. That experience enabled me to truly appreciate couture designs.

‣ The first time I walked through Wall Street. I felt like an outsider segregated among crisp business suits, but strangely enough, working at a Wall Street firm is my career dream.

‣ The breathtaking view on top of The Empire State Building. It reminded me of a Gossip Girl reincarnation, if such a thing existed. In that moment, I was Blair Waldorf, looking off into the blazing sunset that encapsulated the city she grew up in.

‣ Seeing the lines of flags outside the United Nations Headquarters. For me, the flags represent a celebration of different social cultures; it’s the realization that a utopia is achieved, even with a group of socialites and a band of misfits coexisting in the city.

Each time I visit New York City, I feel completely rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. I know each one of you has a special place you consider your “home.” It doesn’t even have to be a tangible place—it could be an imaginary haven or a scene from your favourite movie. Never forget how that place molded you; never forget the feelings of ecstasy when you reminisce about that place; never forget how many times that place acted as a refuge, both literally and figuratively.

I am coming back for you New York City. This time, it will be for the long run. I pinky promise.